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English Summary: The Artist | Shiga Naoya  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

‘The Artist’ is a short story written by Japanese author Shiga Naoya.

This story expresses the traditional attitude of teachers and parents towards education and children’s upbringing.
Teachers and parents think that spending time on things other than studying is a waste of time.
In this story, Sibi is a twelve-year-old school-going boy who has a keen interest in painting gourd.
Whenever he got time, he would try to put himself in this work.
His father did not like it.
But Sibi continues his hobby despite his father’s dislike.
Whenever he got time, he would go to the market and buy gourds, then dye them with diligence and dry them.
He had a big collection of dyed gourds.
One day, he bought a small five-inch gourd from an old lady.
This particular gourd attracted him a lot. He would take that with him wherever he went.
One day he took that gourd to school and started coloring it under the table there.
The teacher of ethics saw him coloring the gourd.
He scolds Sibi too much for ignoring studies and playing with gourds.
He took the gourd from him and came to his house with Sibi.
After this, Sibi’s father scolds and beat him a lot, as well as breaking all his gourds.
And asked Sibi to never do this again.
The teacher who took the pumpkin from Sibi gave that pumpkin to a porter of the school for free.
The porter kept that in his house,
But once when he had no money, he went to a curio-dealer to sell the gourd for a few coppers.
He expected 2-3 yen, but when the curio-dealer himself agrees to pay 5 yen, he gets surprised.
He did not agree to give gourd at that price.
In the end, the curio-dealer gives him 50 yen, which was more than his year-round earnings.
But he does not tell this to anyone.
That teacher, Sibi’s father and even Sibi himself never knew how much his art was worth.
In this way, this story tells how a lot of parents and teachers do not care about the interests of the children and they never get the chance to improve their skills. This is a kind of injustice to children.

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