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English Summary: Ode to Autumn | John Keats  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

‘Ode to Autumn’ is a short poem composed by John Keats.

John Keats is known as one of the Romantic poets of English literature.

He is sensuous as well as a sensual poet.

He has earned a fine reputation in a very short span of his life.
In this poem, he depicts the beauty of nature and the characteristic spirit of Autumn.
According to Keats, Autumn is the best season.
In this, season new leaves and fruits grow on trees.
The temperature of these days is very pleasant.
There is neither too much heat nor bitterly cold.
The air blows fresh and friendly.
Birds sing everywhere.
People are happy and healthy.
In this season the nature appears to be calm and cool.
Autumn symbolizes the maturity of middle-aged life whereas spring symbolizes the onset of life, youth period.
Both have their own charms and both are relevant to human life because change is the rule of nature and life.

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