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English Summary: My Grand mother’s House | Kamala Das  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

“My Grand Mother’s House” is a beautiful poem composed by the famous poetess Kamala Das.
In this poem, she recounts the happy days spent at grandmother’s house,
Where his grandmother always showered his love and affection on him.
Poetry says that her grandmother’s house was a residence for love and intimacy.
He enjoyed immense freedom there.
After her marriage, Kavitri moved from that house but has never been as happy as she used to live at her grandmother’s house.
So, she becomes indifferent thinking about her grandmother’s house and the loving atmosphere there.
The poetess’s grandmother is no more.
Yet the poetess wishes to go there.
She wants to hear the gusts of cold winds there.
Want to see the outside from the windows there.
At the end of the poem, she also reveals the artificiality of today’s loneliness.
Kamala Das succeeds in expressing her feelings towards her grandmother, through this short poem.

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