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English Summary: Fire – Hymn | Keki N. Daruwala  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

The poem ‘Fire Hymen’ has been composed by Keki N Daruwala.
At the beginning of this poem, the poet describes the scene of a ghat (funeral site), Where corpses were burning.
The atmosphere around the ghat was filled with smoke. The fire had swallowed everything.
The bodies at the ghat were nearly burnt, but some bodies were half burnt.
And the view of the cold fire around them seemed like embers.
At the same time, some fingers were seen near the corpses. The poet’s father, pointing towards those half-naked fingers, tells him that “Sometimes fire does not fulfill its obligation.
He remembers this terrible scene twenty-five years later when he burnt the corpse of his first child.
He says that being a Parsi, he should have put the dead body in the ‘Tower of Silence’.
But the Tower of Silence was far from his residence, so he burned the body in a flame of fire.
This was against the practice of their religion.
Although he is not communal, he does not like the tradition of burning the body in the fire.
The poet says that this is a cruel act.

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