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English Summary: An Epitaph | Walter De La Mare  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

An Epitaph is a poem composed by Walter de la Mare.

He is known for his sensitive concerns with the world of children.

This poem is the depiction of the death of the most beautiful lady in the western world.
The poet says that nothing is permanent in the world.
Everything is temporary.
One who is born is to die.
Death spares none consequently, the beautiful lady dies one day.
Now she is in her tomb.
Nobody now remembers her.
Only the poet remembers her.
The poet again shows his sense of ‘the transitoriness of the world by asking the people – who will remember the lady after the death of the poet?
Thus, we see that the poet emphasizes – the transitoriness of the world’ in this poem.

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