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English Summary: A Marriage Proposal | Anton Chekhov  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

“A marriage proposal” is a very interesting drama Written by Anton Chekhov, a famous playwright and story-writer of Russia.
The play presents the scene of Lomov’s marriage proposal to a girl named Natalia.
Through this one-act drama, Chekhov reveals the fakeness of the world.
He also tries to show how superficial these days people have become.
Instead of emotional bonding in relationships, people simply favor wealth and money.
In this story, Lomov and Chobukov are close friends.
Lomov is in love with Natalia, the daughter of Chobukov.
Lomov wants to marry her but he does not dare to propose marriage to Natalia.
Natalia’s father also wants his daughter to marry Lomov because Lomov is a very rich man.
But he has no idea how to persuade his daughter for this proposal.
One day Lomov comes to his friend’s house and decides that today he will definitely propose marriage to Natalia.
Incidentally, Natalia comes there herself. Chobukov leaves them alone and leaves.
A debate takes place between Lomov and Natalia. They start arguing over their dogs – Leap and Guess.
This debate is further heightened regarding their ownership of very old land.
They shout at each other.
Upon hearing the scream, Chobukov comes out. Watching the two fight, he pretends to faint and die
And appeals to Lomov and Natalia to accept the marriage proposal quickly.
Both accept the proposal.
In this way, their argument turns into their marriage.
Then after that, Natalia’s father Chobukov regains his consciousness and is happy that his daughter is going to marry a rich man.

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