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English Summary: A Child is Born | Germain Greer  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

“A Child Born” – is an excerpt from a book titled “Sex and Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility”.

The book is written by Germaine Greer, a well-known feminist writer in Australia.
In this essay, she elaborates on the cultural peculiarities of child and parent relations in the countries of East and West.
Different cultures and traditions exist in different parts of the world regarding childbirth.
Germaine Greer also mentions the belief, that women do not become members of their husband’s family until they have given birth to a child.
In some countries, a pregnant woman has to go to her mother’s home to deliver her baby.
She has to stay there for at least three months.
Childbirth is not a family affair and is a celebration for the neighborhood.
When the child is seven days old, new clothes are brought for both the child and its mother. Women are a special part of this ritual. She sings traditional folk songs, dances, celebrates and on this occasion, the child’s name is decided.
And in some countries, other processes and rituals are followed.
According to the author, these practices increase a pregnant mother’s sense of security.
It also removes all the concerns related to pregnancy and childbirth. They also have psychological benefits.
These methods are collectively and culturally accepted.
Such rituals are associated with the feeling of motherhood, but going through these traditions, giving birth to a child at home would also increase maternal mortality.
These days the whole process of childbirth has become mechanical.
In our anxiety to avoid death, we have destroyed the importance of experiencing the entire process that a mother used to do.
It reduces maternal mortality but snatches away the emotional pleasure of becoming a mother from a woman.

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