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English Summary: The Earth | H. E. Bates  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

‘The Earth’ a notable story written by H.E. Bates.
The story focuses on the tragedy of parents who leave everything to God and hope that their children will grow up to overcome their sorrows.
H.E. Bates advises us through this story to do our own work and not leave it to God because God helps those who help themselves.
At the same time, it also gives the message that sometimes simplicity is very deceitful.
In this story, Johnson is a tenant farmer. Johnson was not hardworking. He used to think that if God wants, there will be a good harvest and he will become rich. He owned some land of a man named Sanders and had a simple-minded son – named Benzy.
He was very worried due to his calm and simple nature. So he met the doctor.
The doctor advised him that a sense of responsibility would make Benji smarter.
So they got some chickens to keep him busy.
Benji started his own business and gradually learned all the tricks related to poultry farming.
He started making money by selling eggs. His parents got his account opened in the bank and they used to deposit his money in his account only.
When he turned eighteen, he took all the money out of the bank and put it into his business. He did not give anything to the parents. His parents thought that Benji is still mindless, if he grows up then he will become sensible.
His business grew.
he needed more land, so he bought Sanders’ land without asking his parents.
When he was about forty years old, he liked a girl working in his chicken form. His name was Florence. She was not good looking, so her parents were not ready for this relationship. But he married Florence against the wishes of his parents.
Florence did not like Benji’s parents.
Therefore, she started filling Benji’s ears against his parents.
Believing his wife, Benji expelled his parents from his home.
Thus, we see that too much trust in his son became the root cause of Johnson’s tragedy.

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