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English Summary: India Through Traveller’s Eye | Pearl S. Buck  Bihar Board 12th | 100 Marks English | by Malendra Sir 

“India through a traveler’s eyes” is an extract from the book ‘My Several Worlds’ written by Pearl S Buck.

Pearl S. Buck was an American by birth but was educated in China.
India was part of the background of Pearl S Buck’s life.
She had heard a lot of stories of India and Indians from her family doctor and his wife.
So she was very keen to see India. She had seen many countries in the world but she was very much influenced by Indians.
Since Pearl had a deep desire to know India and Indians, she came to India.
She visited many tourist places in India.
Saw the Taj Mahal of Agra in the moonlight night, Fatehpur Sikri and many other places of Delhi too but could not understand India and Indians.
So she tried to get to know India by meeting the farmers of the villages and the youth of the city.
She met young intellectuals in cities and poor farmers in villages.
She was able to understand Indians better by talking and listening to the youth of the cities and poor farmers of the country.
And then she said that India cannot be understood by looking at its monuments, it can only be understood by meeting the youth of the cities and the poor of the village.
At the time when Pearl S Buck came to India, Indians were fighting for their freedom.
The youth of the city were planning to get their freedom from the slavery of the British rule, while the condition of the villages was very bad. People were struggling with poverty, disease, and malnutrition. The average age of the people was only 27 years.
Pearl S Buck also criticizes British rule for this pathetic situation.

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